A Megaphone in an Empty Auditorium

-Peaks out from behind a curtain on a stage before hesitantly stepping into view.  Her footsteps echo as she walks, and she’s clutching a megaphone in her hand.  As she reaches the middle of the stage, she raises the megaphone to her lips, and speaks to the empty room-

So, ah.  Sometime during the controversy of the Julian Assange sexual assault case, the rush of rape apologism and victim blame and smearing by so called progressive allies, not to mention ourtright lies the subsequent activist twitterpaloza lead by the beautiful and brave Sady Doyle, one of my friends told me, amidst my flurry of linking on facebook, that I should start my own blog.  To which I replied that no one would ever read anything I have to say.

And then I thought.  So what?

I have a lot of ideas.  Some of them are good, some are bad.  Some are very logical and well thought out, and some (most) of them are completely inarticulate.  I want a space for my ideas, somewhere I can write then down, untangle them, and share them, because ideas should be shared.  And maybe I am talking to an empty room, but it’s my empty room, my space.  And if someone walks by and hears me and sits down for a few moments to listen, or even discuss, well that would be awesome.  And if no one does, well, that’s okay too, because I’ll still have my space.  My own blog.

So now what?

Well, ah.  I guess I’ll write stuff.  What stuff?  I guess we’ll see.


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