Quit Trying to Shove me in that Goddamn Box

I have a lot of posts in my head about feminist theory, ethics of sex and dating, on being an ally and an activist, ect.  But I’m not writing about any of those things.  I’m writing through frustration about shit that happened that has nothing to do with what anyone else cares about, and i’m writing it with a significant amount of alcohol in me.  But fuckit, it’s my blog, and no one is reading this shit anyway.

Stuff I’m too chickenshit to say to your face

Sex is never uncomplicated

If you are about to sleep with a girl several years younger and considerably less experienced then yourself, make your intentions explicitly clear before you stick your dick in her.  If you “have this problem all the time”  and “this problem” is defined as girls you fuck wanting an exclusive relationship, maybe some extra communication would be nice for all involved parties.

“Girls want a relationship, men want sex”  Is not an acceptable box to put anyone in.  It’s also unacceptable to put someone in that box when they are actively doing thier best to not shove you in it, no matter how well the box fits.

COMMUNICATION IS FUCKING KEY.  See “Sex is never uncomplicated” above.

If, after several months of regular contact, sexual or otherwise, someone you have been sleeping with asks you the question “Soo, what’s going on with this,”  “What do you mean?” In a hostile voice, is not an acceptable answer.

Telling this person that they are expecting more than they’re going to get, especially after not bothering to figure out what they’re fucking expecting, is also not an acceptable answer.

Meeting this person’s genuine attempt to communicate with defensiveness and roundabout answers, you guessed it, is not a fucking acceptable answer.

Dude, don’t be dick.  No one wants to be dick.

I understand as an extremely attractive person, you have not been required to learn how to treat sexual partners with respect.  However, if you consider yourself a good person, an ethical person, a person who is not an asshole, or aspire to be any of the above, you should start fucking learning.

All the above aside, if, and this is extremely unlikely, you decide you want to continue this…. whatever it is, I will probably go along with it.  Yes, the sex is that good, and you are that hot.

Hey, I’m young.  I gotta be stupid while I can.


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