Things I don’t say

I’m hanging with the guys.  This is my last chance until summer to hang out with one of my best friends.  I love this guy (platonically) but sometimes he makes me uncomfortable.  Like now, he’s talking about the sexual conquests of a mutual friend whose not present.  Apparently, he’s “a victim of his own success” because he seems to attract “crazy bitches”.  Or maybe he goes after “crazy bitches” on purpose.  It’s unclear.  But anyway, this guys motto is “don’t put the pussy on a pedestal” and “he plays on the daddy issues” because apparently these girls get all the attention all the time and “what do they do when they’re not getting extra attention?”  I hear my friends distaste for women in every word, his implications that women are all attention whores and manipulative harpies, his amusement in hearing about women being used and mistreated, and it hits me in the gut, like it always does.  Because this isn’t the first time, far from it, and it will be far, far from the last.

I want to say “Hey, I have daddy issues.”  I want to say “I’m pretty, and cute, but I crave attention and affection every day, and I can’t imagine these girls are much different.”  I want to say “That’s sick, no one deserves to be treated that way.”  I want to say “Women are not defined by their pussy, and whether or not it should be on a pedestal.”

I dont.



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2 responses to “Things I don’t say

  1. Every time something like this comes up, I think; “Do I want to deal with the arguments with my friends by being a Humorless Feminist today?” and I wonder if it’s worth getting angry and upset and ruining the whole day i have to hang out with friends. Usually, I decide it’s not worth it.

    I never claimed to be ideologically pure xD

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