Feeding Trolls

Usually, I love feeding trolls.  It’s so much fun to talk circles around them until their brains splutter and are reduced to diatribes about how much I suck.

Lately though, I’m sick of trolls.  I’m sick of their vitriol, their hate, their circular logic, and their pseudo-intellectualism.  I’m sick of arguing at a wall, can I go back to preaching to the choir now?  When I first made this blog, it was to talk about activism issues and other such things that are on my mind.  But arguing with trolls has made me tired of this too.  Maybe I should take a leaf out of Ozy’s book and talk about sex and BDSM, which is what I REALLY want to talk about anyway.



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2 responses to “Feeding Trolls

  1. Ugh, I have trollfights too, over at NSWATM… fucking comments sections.

  2. Yea, I kinda had NSWATM in mind when I wrote this. I really want to be more active though, because i think it’s a really good idea and really, REALLY important. I just need a break. Maybe to talk about how me and MY boy have All The Sex. also The Best Sex.

    Seriously. It’s awesome.

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