In Which Shora has No Free Time, Misses Blogging

I have been a slacker my entire life, so now I’m trying to be an adult and do the opposite of that.  Until now I had absolutely no concept of how few hours there are in the day.  I can’t even find time to write blog posts, let alone comment on the blogs I love!  I miss it, but it feels good to not be a slacker.


Some quick things:

Monogamy is fucking hard yo.  All of my anxieties that formed during the clusterfuck that was the ending of my relationship with Sam is colliding with all of the stress that is dealing with Seth’s ex and dear god in heaven it has been hard to keep it together.

I’m taking a class called Dynamics of Race, Sex, and Class.  It’s pretty much everything I do on the internet in my free time, including the idiotic pontifications of a lily white male psych major who refuses to check his privilege.  I LOVE it

I miss naps

I went to my first ever training session for parkour on Sunday.  It was totally awesome but literally every muscle in my body hurts right now, which is a problem because I have to work on my belly dance solo for this HUGE event my troupe is doing.

I really, really want to play Mass Effect.


That is all



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One response to “In Which Shora has No Free Time, Misses Blogging

  1. Man, relationships are hard. Everyone should just go be celibate. 🙂

    I LOVE classes like that. XD

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