Valentines Day

This past weekend my Belly Dance troupe put on an event for valentines day, so I’ve spent the last two weeks dancing nonstop.  Those were some stressful and exhausting weeks, but my abs look awesome, and my body feels better than it has been in months.

I kind of like Valentines Day, although I can’t really explain why.  It’s horribly commercial and it makes being single suck ass but… sometimes it really does draw people to little acts of kindness and love.  Last year during work I was manning the takeout section and a girl walked in.  She didn’t actually want anything, but she handed a little valentine to each of us working behind the counter.  It was just a little folded piece of paper with a heart in blue highlighter on the front with a little blurb like “Remember you are loved!” inside, but that tiny little gesture made me so happy.  I kept it in my wallet, and when my wallet got stolen I think I was saddest to lose that little folded up piece of paper.

The Valentines Day after the first time I broke up with my first boyfriend (hereafter known on this blog as The Ginger Nightmare) we were still on good terms with each other and I had been having a terrible day.  It was my first time being alone for Valentines Day in two years and I had just started working at a fancy restaurant.  If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant, especially one that’s rather upscale, you know what hell it is to work on valentines day.  To top it off, I couldn’t even manage to make plans with any of my friends, so I was stressed, tired, and lonely.  When I walked in to my dorm room that night he was sitting on my bed with a box of chocolates and a little stuffed horse.  He’s called The Ginger Nightmare for a reason, but this will always be a really good memory of us, untainted in a way that most of my memories of that relationship are now.

Lately I’ve been feeling incredibly loved, centered, and lucky.  I feel great, and I feel like this year I’m really celebrating this new-found love I have for myself as well as my relationship with Seth, in part because they are very connected but mostly because I feel like they are both things worth celebrating in and of themselves.  Tonight Seth is coming over.  We’re going to go out and buy each other chocolates together (so we make sure we get what we like), have fantastic sex, watch Dr. Who and Supernatural, and enjoy each others company.  It’s going to be a lovely night.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤


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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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